Sunday, May 22

Pro-migrants and bisexual: the new Superman “woke” is a flop in the United States

Superman fans resent the “woke” version of their hero. As DC Comics decided to launch a new series of books by readjusting the personality of the cult character, sales plummeted.

Released last July, the first issue of Superman: Son of Kal-El deals, as its title suggests, not with the real superhero but with his son, Jonathan Kent. This one has the powers of his father, but also an ideology made to seduce the militant woke (people who say they are particularly awake to the injustices suffered by minorities).

Thus, in the comics, Jonathan Kent is a lawyer who defends illegal immigrants and a climate activist. He is also shown having a relationship with a man. An openly bisexual male comic book hero, like Harley Quinn on the female side, claimed comic book writer Tom Taylor at IGN.

“What should a new Superman be fighting these days?”

He also justified the character’s ideology: “The question is, what should a new Superman be fighting these days? Can a 17-year-old Superman take on giant robots while ignoring climate change? Of course not. Will someone with super eyesight and super hearing ignore injustices beyond their borders? Can he ignore the pleas of asylum seekers?

Readers were obviously not convinced, since sales of the comics did not take off. The first issue registered 68,800 purchases, before the figure plunged to 34,000 for the third, in November, indicates the Washington Times. To get an idea, the American media recalls that other Superman “reboots” have had better success, with more than 130,000 copies for the first volume of a collection published in 2018 and more than 118,000 for those of two others, dated 2011 and 2016.

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