Monday, May 16

Reims. A 26-year-old stabbed to death after an alcoholic evening, a suspect imprisoned

A 26-year-old young man was stabbed to death after an alcoholic evening on Saturday in Reims (Marne). Informed around 7 am of the presence of the injured individual at his home, the emergency services were unfortunately unable to save him.

The autopsy revealed “two stab wounds, including one fatal, in addition to a few marks on the face and hands,” Reims public prosecutor Matthieu Bourrette said on Monday.

23-year-old man arrested and charged

According to the accounts of several participants in the evening, organized for the birthday of one of them, a 23-year-old man “had had several verbal and physical altercations during the evening with the victim, because he reproached the latter to seek to avoid him during this evening”. One of them even said he saw him stab him.

The suspect, “very alcoholic and who had called the emergency services”, was arrested by the police at the victim’s home and then placed in police custody. Indicted for murder and placed under a warrant, he was already under judicial control for acts of violence. He for his part denies any altercation, and accuses one of the other participants in the evening of having hit the victim, claiming to have sought to intervene.

Four of the men present at the evening were also placed in police custody, before being released.

The investigation will have to specify “the course of the facts during this evening, the motive for the passage to the act which in the state of the investigations seems particularly futile, for facts likely to have been committed against a background of heavy alcoholism” , underlined the prosecutor.

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