Sunday, May 22

Seine-Saint-Denis. Four police officers rescue a young man in cardiac arrest from a tram

Four police officers from the transport security unit of the Ile-de-France networks brigade saved the life of a young man in a tram on January 20, in La Courneuve, in Seine-Saint-Denis, tells Le Parisien.

They were on board this tram when they heard, at the back of the train, passengers screaming. They first thought it was pickpocketing but soon realized it was something else.

A young man of 20 had just collapsed on the ground alongside his friends.

“He was unconscious, lying on the ground, his eyes and mouth wide open,” said one of the peacekeepers. No reaction from the young man to the questions asked by the police.

The police placed the victim in a lateral safety position and called for help. They evacuated the tram to have enough space for the rescue operation.

Nine cycles of thirty chest compressions until firefighters arrive

Officers noted that the victim’s condition was deteriorating: they could no longer feel his pulse. They then started CPR.

“We undressed him so that his torso was free, then three of us took turns to perform nine cycles of thirty chest compressions until the firefighters arrived. We were very focused on our goal, which was to save this young man’s life. »

Just before the arrival of the firefighters, the police detected pulsations. They had succeeded in reviving the young man’s heart.

Their intervention was welcomed by the firefighters. Without this heart massage from the police, the young man would have died, the firefighters said.

Today, the victim came out of the coma and the news on his state of health is encouraging.

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