Sunday, May 22

SOCIAL: Dematerialized restaurant tickets for CTOS agents – Faxinfo

As part of social dialogue, the territorial fund for school works (CTOS) wishes to set up restaurant vouchers for its 213 agents. This decision aims to promote the quality of life at work within the structure. Lever of performance, this device must be able to strengthen the commitment of agents, improve their purchasing power, facilitate recruitment (loyalty attractiveness of talents).

Restaurant tickets will be dematerialized. They will be in the form of a nominative prepaid card. Each agent will have a confidential code and will be able to use the card in affiliated establishments. It will be credited by the CTOS. The retained value of the ticket will be 8.20 euros per day, of which 60% will be financed by the CTOS and 40% by the beneficiary agent.

The CTOS has just launched a public contract to select a service provider who will be responsible for producing the prepaid card and sending it directly to agents. It further provides the purchase of 46,860 restaurant tickets per year.


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