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Students are furious. And that’s not nice.

  • Silje Larsen Otterdal

    18 years

Dear government, now is the time to listen to the youth, asks Silje L. Otterdal (18).

Students are furious. And that’s not nice.

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A dozen reader posts. Thousands of signatures. Provoked students.

Yet we are just as far. The exam for the home school’s guinea pigs must be completed.

And now on Friday, it was stated in Aftenposten’s editorial that “canceling is a declaration of bankruptcy on behalf of the teaching”.

Yes, that’s a declaration of bankruptcy. But it is also a reality.

Poorer basis

All the years in high school, we have been guinea pigs in a revolution for digital teaching. This everyday life has been characterized by quarantine, lack of social interaction, fluctuating mental health and substitutes without sufficient professional knowledge.

There are a few adults who will decide whether the exam should be completed. It is very provocative. We young people feel small and insignificant in this great debate, and can do nothing but write chronicle on chronicle until we are taken seriously.

The exam has been canceled for two years due to the pandemic. This year’s graduating students, for whom ordinary completion is planned, have a poorer academic basis than ever.

In total, our cohort has more teaching days from home than any other student. And we will complete the exam and compete against the other “corona litters” in admission to higher education?

No wonder the students are furious, you ask me.

No need for empty words

Tall from the Norwegian Directorate of Education shows that almost half of the students in upper secondary school get a lower grade on the exam than in the standpoint. Then it is perhaps not so strange that many students view the exam as a “punishment”?

But this discussion is not about lazy young people looking for an excuse to escape exams. Many students will probably do very well in a possible exam this spring.

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The ones I think of are my more vulnerable classmates. Students with concentration difficulties, lack of self-discipline or an insecure home situation. Perhaps there has also been far greater inequality.

Politicians constantly acknowledge that this time has not been easy for us young people. Do not leave words blank.

Broken opportunities

Even though the schools are now at a green level, everyday life is characterized by student and teacher absenteeism due to infection. It will probably do that for a while longer.

I myself sit with the corona and write this post. Those who have to stay at home are currently receiving poorer education than they received at the red level. In this examination debate, there is therefore no good argument for implementation that the schools have reopened fully.

I fully understand the statements of teachers and politicians that we “benefit from” exams to prepare for higher education. But it does not help much if the exam grades crush the opportunity to get into the dream study.

The alternative is to lower the requirements

At some point, the exam in VGS will probably have to continue in the normal way again. But this year’s graduating students are not the right litter to assign to this old-fashioned form of assessment.

Not least teachers have experienced this enormous upheaval. The other Scandinavian countries have made adjustments to the curriculum because the chances of teachers succeeding in teaching from home have changed significantly. If the government demands that the exam be conducted, the requirements should at least be lowered!

Now that we can not gather in front of the Storting building and demonstrate, text writing is the best way to use freedom of expression. But the commitment to cancel the exam is not at all easy to describe on paper. Dear Government, now is the time to listen to the youth!

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