Tuesday, May 17

The Batman: has the new teaser just revealed the plot at the heart of the film?

Expected in theaters on March 2, “The Batman” has just unveiled a new teaser of about thirty seconds which could say a lot about the central plot of Matt Reeves’ film.

According to the American press, The Batman will revolve around a story where the Dark Knight will be pushed to his limits as rarely before. And the twitter account official of the film which will see Robert Pattinson embody the hero of DC Comics has just posted a particularly intriguing teaser about the scenario. All images in this video have been seen in previous trailers. All of them, except for one shot that pops up 20 seconds into the teaser, and just set fans’ brains on fire.

In this teaser, Catwoman can be heard saying “It’s all about the Wayne family.” We also know that the Shynx (the Riddler), who will be played by Paul Dano, will engage in a perverse game with Bruce Wayne / Batman, through which he threatens to reveal a particularly sensitive secret concerning the Wayne family. On the plan in question, we see Batman in the presence of Commissioner Gordon, looking at a board on which are hung press articles cut out on which appear the name of Thomas Wayne – the father of Bruce therefore – as well as the word “orphanage”.

The question on everyone’s lips is: Could the Sphynx be related to Bruce Wayne’s family? Could it be his brother, whom Thomas Wayne chose to get rid of? In Todd Phillips’ Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix, Arthur Fleck faces the possibility of being Thomas Wayne’s hidden son (following the latter’s supposed relationship with his mother). The comics also explored this path in The Court Owls (November 2011).

If this theory remains unlikely, however, The Batman promises a particularly agonizing confrontation between the bat man and the Sphynx. The American press is already anticipating an unforgettable performance from Paul Dano as the main antagonist of Matt Reeves’ film. The impatience only grows.


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