Wednesday, May 18

UK: He earns up to 200 euros a day for queuing for other people

A somewhat special profession. A resident of London (England) supplements his ends of the month by offering people to queue in various queues for them.

This 31-year-old man would charge up to 20 pounds, or 24 euros, for an hour’s wait. This initiative started when he was looking for work “a little everywhere”, he indicated to the newspaper The Sun.

He thus came across the “TaskRabbit” platform, which offers individuals the possibility of delegating daily life tasks to professionals”. Thanks to this application, the man was able to expand his offer.

Indeed, he also offers to keep animals, help with the move or even do the shopping for his customers. Despite everything, his main activity remains to queue for them. An activity that has already allowed him to earn 200 euros in one day.

“Most of the time, I queue to pick up tickets for shows or concerts,” he explains. A job that “requires no special skills, or even hard work,” he said.

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