Sunday, May 22

Video: Three general fights break out during a Federal 1 match in the Var

The meeting turned into a fight. The Var derby between Hyères-Carqueiranne and US Seynoise, in Federal 1, degenerated this Sunday, with several general fights which broke out during the match, offering a deplorable spectacle.

Leader and well ahead of his group, Hyères received his neighbors from La Seyne on his lawn. And the RCHCC chained a 15e success in 16 games (for a draw) by dominating the USS (22-6). But beyond the result, the game was marked by violent clashes between the players of the two teams from the Toulon suburbs.

In total, no less than three general fights would have broken out during this derby, according to David Smith. The former Castres and Toulon winger, who plays at RCHCC, posted a video of one of them on social media. “Welcome to rugby in the south of France. It reminds me of our village games in Samoa. Play rugby. If you want to fight, go boxing,” he wrote in the caption.

Faced with these overflows, which occurred mainly in the second half, the referee was forced to take action and issued four red cards (two for each team). And the penalties are likely to be heavy when the disciplinary committee will meet to study these sad events.

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