Wednesday, May 18

We are not in bed: Charles Consigny balances on his role in the show

Charles Consigny did not keep good memories of his time on the show “On n’est pas couche”. Guest of “Culture Media” on Europe 1 this Monday, January 31, the former columnist was not kind to the program hosted by Laurent Ruquier.

Present alongside Christine Angot in We are not lying on France 2, for one and only season in 2018-2019, the lawyer entrusted to Philippe Vandel not having enjoyed his time in a program where he felt a lot of hostility. “It’s a show that I found quite harsh. I often felt a lot of hostility, ”he says to begin with.

“I found the guests quite weak in reality. These were people I didn’t want to attack. Someone who comes to present his book, or his record and of whom I understand, by asking about the guest, that this is the turning point of his career and that in fact, if he misses it, he may -to be completely disappear from the screens”, he continues.

Charles Consigny also regrets having been recruited to serve as a “sniper”. A role he refused to play. “I had more of a kind of benevolence towards the guests,” he says. The lawyer also remembers the media weight that this position of columnist conferred on those who held the position. “I had the impression of being appointed Secretary of State. And I think it’s the only show that confers such status,” he said.

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