Thursday, May 19

E.Leclerc: a pizza sold for 8 euro cents in a supermarket

After the baguette at 29 cents, the E.Leclerc chain is still the talk of the town for an unbeatable price.

This weekend, a resident of the Chartres conurbation went to the center of Barjouville (Eure-et-Loir) to do his shopping.

What was his surprise when he discovered in the catering department a beautiful raclette pizza, made on site, sold for the modest sum of 8 cents, revealed Actu Chartres.

Before loading three into his trolley, he took care to immortalize his find by taking a picture of it. “The price went well at checkout, we can also see the error in the price per kilo,” he told the site, adding that only the 6 p.m. batch of raclette pizzas displayed this exceptional price.

The lucky customer then warned his mother so that she too could benefit from this promotion. He then posted his discovery on Twitter alerting the site, which lists the best tips and price errors.

For its part, the supermarket chain did not react.

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