Tuesday, May 24

Ecuador: floods leave at least 11 dead and 32 injured in Quito

Flooding following torrential rains in the city of Quito in Ecuador has killed at least 11 people and injured 32, local authorities said on Tuesday, which also reported several devastated buildings. Homeless families were relocated to hotels.

These are the strongest rains ever observed for nearly twenty years in the region.

During the day on Monday, these heavy rains caused a retention basin to overflow, causing a huge torrent of water.

This spilled over a large sports complex in which several athletes were training, explained the mayor of the city, Santiago Guarderas.

75 liters of water per square meter

Taking everything in its path, the torrent of water and mud carrying stones, rocks, cars, and debris of all kinds, invaded the Ecuadorian capital and caused a lot of damage to the surrounding homes.

According to the mayor of Quito, nearly 75 liters of water fell per square meter, compared to the usual 2 to 3 liters in this season, and announced by the weather forecast. “That’s a record number that we haven’t seen since 2003,” he said.

The severe weather that has hit the country in recent days had already caused the rupture of a giant 485-kilometer pipeline containing crude oil, and endangered the affected area, near the Amazon rainforest.


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