Sunday, May 15

Ehpad. Brigitte Bourguignon says she is “disgusted” for the practices attributed to the Orpea group and launches two investigations

After the scandal caused by the book “Les Fossoyeurs” by journalist Victor Castanet on abuse in nursing homes at Orpea, the leaders of the group were summoned on Tuesday morning by the minister responsible for the autonomy of the elderly. Brigitte Bourguignon, guest in the morning of France Inter, assured that she would tell them “her anger” during a meeting scheduled for 9:15 am in her office.

The book inspired him “disgust for managerial practices that are beyond me, compassion for the families who have taken legal action, and for the caregivers who have managed to hold on”. The charges of the investigation were deemed “false and outrageous” by Orpéa, which nevertheless dismissed its general manager, Yves Le Masne, to replace him with a new CEO, Philippe Charrier. “It’s a big fuse” that blew, she confirms, adding that “it doesn’t hide all the rest of the meter, we’ll try to dig all that out”. The latter will be received by the minister with the general manager of the group for France, Jean-Christophe Romersi.

An administrative and financial investigation

Brigitte Bourguignon announced the launch of an administrative “independent investigation” as well as a “financial investigation” by the General Inspectorate of Finance against Orpea. “We have to hit hard to show that we are not doing anything in this country”, she declared, while affirming that all the regional health agencies will go to see “all the establishments of this group” .

We must not suggest that in this country there is no control.

An investigation should target an establishment in Neuilly-sur-Seine, in the Parisian suburbs, from where the book left. “There was a check in 2018 which gave recommendations to this establishment”, she specifies.

Such discredit cast on a set calls everything into question.

The minister seemed offended Tuesday morning, recalling her record: “I have been trying to put resources into these establishments for two years. We have put 2.5 billion euros on the table to renovate these establishments. Such discredit cast on a set calls everything into question. »

Brigitte Bourguignon recalled the creation of 10,000 jobs in nursing homes and the increase in wages, measures deemed insufficient according to some unions. Faced with the lack of employees in the nursing homes, she replied “That’s not the debate, we can’t even find them”.

Announcements on controls and transparency

“Over the next three weeks, I will have announcements to make on controls and transparency. “If the minister cannot put forward a figure on the number of checks in nursing homes, between planned and unannounced checks, she confirms that there are currently “not enough checks”. On private establishments, which represent 20% of nursing homes, Brigitte Bourguignon says she wants to “give them back the sense of their mission, the elderly are not a commercial product”.

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