Tuesday, May 17

EHPAD Orpéa: “several accusations are unfounded, I have proof”, says CEO Philippe Charrier

Philippe Charrier, new CEO of EHPAD Orpea, denounced, this Tuesday, February 1, the accusations of breaches of hygiene, but also of mistreatment of residents, of which his group is the subject.

Summoned by the Minister for the Autonomy of the Elderly Brigitte Bourguignon, Philippe Charrier decided to counterattack.

“We already know that several accusations are unfounded, I have formal and documentary proof of this,” he told CNEWS at the end of the meeting.

Sensitive to “the emotion of residents, families and collaborators”, Philippe Charrier announced that inspections and checks were going to be carried out.

Philippe Charrier promises to shed “light” on the case

“We are going to shed full light on these events in full transparency and independence. I will go all the way,” he promised.

The CEO of Orpea made a point of emphasizing the “humanist, very close to the human” profile of his company. If he recognized that it was “impossible to be in perfection”, Philippe Charrier recalled “the desire to provide ever better services”, to the residents of EHPAD.

Earlier in the day, Brigitte Bourguignon announced the opening of two administrative investigations, including one from the General Inspectorate of Finance on the Orpea group. “You have to hit hard to show that we are not doing just anything in the EHPADs”, announced the minister.


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