Sunday, May 22

Executive Council: Allocation of a grant of €100,000 to the St-Martin Carnival Festivities Committee – Faxinfo

The Executive Council, on December 23, decided to award a grant of 100,000 euros to the Saint-Martin Carnival Festivities Committee for the organization of the next carnival in 2022.

The Saint-Martin Carnival Festivities Committee association is a major player in the territory of Saint-Martin in terms of cultural and artistic activity. This association has specialized, over the years, in the organization of parades of carnival groups and highlighting the culture of the territory in this field of activity. The COM of Saint-Martin considers the activity of this association as a contribution to cultural development and heritage mediation, a factor of individual development and social integration.

The project proposed by the association in the grant application file that it submitted, places the artistic, the pleasure of dancing and collective practices as priority objectives and takes into account the desires and the diversity of each of the troupes. who participate in the parade of floats and costumes.

As part of its cultural policy supported for several years now, the COM of Saint-Martin has always placed support for the activities of the Carnival Festivities Committee as a major skill.


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