Wednesday, May 18

How to keep a bouquet of flowers longer?

When you have just bought a beautiful bouquet of roses or tulips, you would like to keep it indefinitely. Unfortunately, cut flowers usually wilt after 3 or 4 days. However, there is a trick to keep them longer.

If your bouquet is not accompanied by a small sachet of preservative to be diluted in the water of the vase, know that you can replace this nutrient solution with sugar or baking soda, also called sodium bicarbonate. These two white powders are indeed known to lengthen the life of freshly cut flowers.

And for good reason, they provide plants with nutrients they are deprived of when they are no longer in contact with the soil. All you need to do is pour a teaspoon into the vase each time you change the water. As a reminder, it is recommended to renew it every two days so as not to expose the flowers to rot.

During this step, also remember to slightly cut the stems of your flowers at an angle (about 2 centimeters). Finally, to avoid accelerating the wilting process, be sure to remove the leaves at the base, that is to say those that are submerged. Regarding the vase, its height must, at least, be half the length of the stems.

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