Monday, May 23

Miscellaneous facts. Aude: a fetus discovered in a suitcase in the middle of a garden

A macabre discovery was made in a garden in Limoux, near Carcassonne, in Aude. A fetus or newborn was found inside an abandoned suitcase on Wednesday, January 26, reports The Independent. The vast property on which the body was found belongs to a septuagenarian. It was a friend who maintains his exterior who discovered him.

It’s not an animal…

According to our colleagues, the owner and her friend first “joked” when they discovered this abandoned suitcase, thinking that it could contain money. When I opened it, “I fell into horror”, says this woman, still shocked. She couldn’t figure out what it was, and first thought she saw an animal, when a doctor friend actually told her it might be a fetus. A hypothesis confirmed by an autopsy carried out in Montpellier (Hérault) on Friday. “But it’s crazy, who threw that suitcase in my garden? “, she reacted to the local newspaper.

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An investigating judge from the criminal center of Narbonne (Aude) was seized of this sordid affair, because the facts are “serious enough”, according to the public prosecutor Eric Camous. The gendarmes of the research section of Montpellier were responsible for investigating. This will include whether the child was stillborn or breathed. The investigations will also have to clarify the conditions under which this suitcase arrived in this garden on the hillside.

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