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Mission Travaux: Who is Laurent Jacquet, the presenter of the new brico program on M6?

Viewers will discover a new face on M6 this Tuesday, February 1, at 9:10 p.m. The channel has bet on a craftsman by the name of Laurent Jacquet to host its new DIY program entitled “Mission Works: My house is a construction site”.

The concept of this unique program is to send building professionals to the rescue of individuals entangled in their renovation work, whether due to a lack of know-how, resources, time or motivation.

Qualified as “King of works” by M6, Laurent Jacquet is not currently known to the general public, but he already has a community of nearly 300,000 fans on Youtube, where he runs a channel called “Jacquet Video Show” since 2015. It is this channel that caught the eye of the producers of Mission Travaux. “After seeing one of the videos, we wanted to meet him very quickly. There was something that immediately hit home, ”confirms TV Mag Pierre-Guillaume Ledan, deputy program director of the Six who was seduced by his “very pedagogical way of addressing people”.

A long experience

“I have a large community that thanks me every day and it was already a great victory, says Laurent Jacquet. ‘Mission Works’ is the opportunity today to turn a corner and go even further in this transmission”. The people who call on him through the show can count on his great expertise. Electricity, wood, tiling… nothing can resist it.

Passionate about manual work very early on – and at a good school with handyman grandparents – the forty-year-old, married and happy father of four children, originally graduated in plumbing and climate engineering, reports Télé Star. He created his first company at the age of 23, then became technical director of a solar panel company, before regaining his independence.

“I have over 25 years of experience in construction and I like the idea of ​​sharing my experience to help others,” he explains. I am a craftsman – plumber – heating engineer. My dad was a mechanic, I’ve always worked with my hands and that’s what I like. At 23, I set up my own business, I have always fought to safeguard and defend craftsmanship. I have great respect for craftsmen and this program also helps to promote these trades while helping families in distress. For some, like Christophe and Angélique, over-indebted owners who appear in the first issue, it is truly a last-ditch operation, while for others the show will serve as an “electroshock”. .

“We wanted people who were a bit self-renovating. That is to say people who had moved around a bit, who had already spent weekends tinkering and who had stopped. Our main mission, during filming, was to motivate these couples sufficiently by giving them professional advice from a great team. We had to manage to put them back in this kind of energy that they had at the beginning, while giving them advice to ensure that they leave full pot and finish their life project, ”confided the craftsman to Progrès. .

Motivation first

It’s with his good humor and his banter (he calls Internet users who follow him on Youtube his “little bichons”), but also a little inner side that leads some to compare him sometimes to Philippe Etchebest (follower of blowers in Nightmare in the Kitchen where the Chef comes to the aid of restaurant owners in trouble), which Laurent Jacquet intends to help families in difficulty who will appear on the show.

But if he sometimes raises his tone a little with the participants, “despite all that, he remains benevolent. You can’t get someone out of their comfort zone by stroking their cheek. We must succeed in making him admit the truth, that is to say that he puts on blinders. It’s always a bit tricky part because it’s not where I excel best: I’m more of a cool guy. On the other hand, I know that it is necessary to go through this stage to provoke a electroshock».

Mission Travaux will above all be an opportunity to give good advice to viewers. “Together (with his team made up of a tiler, a plasterer, a cabinetmaker-joiner, a painter, an electrician, a plumber, and interior decorator Mélanie Barbier, editor’s note), we will learn how to organize yourself well to move forward effectively in your work, how to choose quality equipment and favor local production of materials and many other essential tips. Various recommendations that I will make throughout the show, in addition to the tips for carrying out the tasks,” he promises.

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