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Olympic Games 2022: the tricolor flag bearers in the history of the Winter Games

Find the complete list of French flag bearers in the history of the Winter Olympics.

As a reminder, this year, during the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing (February 4-20), it will be Tessa Worley and Kevin Rolland who will be flag bearers for the tricolor delegation during the opening ceremony.

The standard bearers

Olympic Games 1924: Camille Mandrillon (biathlon)

JO 1928: Jean Thorailler (bobsleigh)

Olympic Games 1932: Georges Torchon (figure skating)

Olympic Games 1936: Jacques Faure (Nordic skiing)

JO 1948: James Couttet (ski alpin)

Olympic Games 1952: Alain Giletti (figure skating)

JO 1956: James Couttet (ski alpin)

Olympic Games 1960: Benoît Carrara (Nordic skiing)

Olympic Games 1964: Alain Calmat (figure skating)

Olympic Games 1968: Gilbert Poirot (ski jumping)

Olympic Games 1972: Patrick Péra (figure skating)

Olympic Games 1976: Daniele Debernard (alpine skiing)

Olympic Games 1980: Fabienne Serrat (alpine skiing)

JO 1984: Yvon Mougel (biathlon)

Olympic Games 1988: Catherine Quittet (alpine skiing)

Olympic Games 1992: Fabrice Guy (Nordic combined)

JO 1994: Anne Briand (biathlon)

1998 Olympic Games: Philippe Candeloro (figure skating)

Olympic Games 2002: Carole Montillet (alpine skiing)

JO 2006: Bruno Mingeon (bobsleigh)

Olympic Games 2010: Vincent Defrasne (biathlon)

2014 Olympics: Jason Lamy-Chpuis (Nordic combined)

Olympic Games 2018: Martin Fourcade (biathlon)

JO 2022: Tessa Worley (ski alpin) – Kevin Rolland (ski freestyle)

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