Tuesday, May 17

Orpéa case: the families of the victims file a complaint

Accused of serious breaches of hygiene but also the safety of its residents, the Orpéa group is facing the multiplication of complaints filed by the relatives of the alleged victims but also the emergence of new testimonies.

On CNEWS, Maître Sarah Saldmann, lawyer for the families of victims of the Orpéa group, shares the testimonies she has collected, food but also water restrictions. The residents “ring the bell and the families realize that when the bell rings, it can take six to seven hours to arrive and there are patients who are perfectly conscious, they ring, they ring and nothing happens. »

To these testimonies of negligence are added those of physical violence. “I have seen photos that are alarming, of people covered in bruises and when we take them out of the nursing home and put them in their homes, there are no more bruises”, explains master Saldmann, who receives many emails every day from families of victims wishing to file a complaint against the Orpéa group.

The lawyer believes that a class action for “violence by negligence, endangering the lives of others and manslaughter” will be filed in early March 2022 by the families of the alleged victims.

Orpéa subject to two investigations

Faced with the increase in the controversy, the Minister responsible for the Autonomy of the elderly, Brigitte Bourguignon, announced Tuesday, February 1, 2022, the opening of two investigations. “Today we are launching an Igas survey (General Inspectorate of Social Affairs) and a financial survey by the IGF, this is a first, because we have to hit hard” she declared on France Inter. The Minister will also receive the leaders of the Orpéa group during the day.

Serious facts denounced by families who face guilt. Isabelle Schwartz, daughter of a former resident in Ehpad Orpéa, confided to CNEWS this feeling. “I consider that they massacred him, I have great guilt because I trusted” Orpéa.


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