Sunday, May 22

Presidential 2022. 1,400 researchers ask candidates to quickly take up the climate issue

If the programs of most of the main candidates for the presidential election, from Jean-Luc Mélenchon to Marine Le Pen, contain more or less detailed proposals related to the climate and environmental crisis, the subject is struggling to impose itself in the debates. , dominated by questions of purchasing power or immigration.

1,400 researchers are worried, in a column published on Tuesday on the site of France info, that this question is not put more on the table just a few months before the presidential election. In this call, they ask the candidates to hurry to decide on the climate and biodiversity, fundamental issues of tomorrow. “We note with concern the absence of democratic debate in the presidential campaign on the serious upheavals in progress and to come, whether they concern the climate, the ocean, biodiversity or pollution”, explain these specialists from different disciplines ( climatologists, oceanographers, mathematicians, economists, philosophers, historians…).

Members of the IPCC bang their fists on the table

“The challenges ahead of us include reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preserving life. But they also relate to the nature and pace of adaptation, the fair distribution of risks and efforts, solidarity between generations or between territories”, underline these researchers, including climatologists Valérie Masson-Delmotte and Christophe Cassou, all two members of the UN group of experts on climate (IPCC), the geographer Magali Reghezza-Zitt, member of the High Council for Climate (HCC) or the President of the Scientific Council of the National Museum of Natural History ( MNHN) Luc Abbadie.

These challenges concern multiple economic sectors and the lives of French people, they continue. “The citizens must still be able to decide in their soul and conscience. For this, the candidates for the presidential election must be able to express themselves, and therefore be questioned on these substantive issues”, these researchers further emphasize.

“While the talk of inaction is multiplying, it is more essential than ever to be able to deliberate calmly on the alternatives, the opportunities and the constraints of the various options considered”.

“The voters need to know the proposals of the candidates for the presidential election and their conditions of implementation”, they insist, without reducing the debate “to a confrontation between supporters of nuclear power and defenders of energy renewables”.

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