Wednesday, May 18

Presidential 2022: a mayor makes his inhabitants vote to choose his sponsorship

As the 2022 presidential election approaches, the mayor of the town of Pia, in the Pyrénées-Orientales, has decided to have all of his constituents vote to determine the candidate to whom he will bring his sponsorship.

The 10,000 or so residents have until Friday noon to go to the polls to respond to this major “citizen consultation” proposed by Jérôme Palmade, the city’s unregistered mayor, who announced that he did not want to “take the Piannencs hostage” by imposing a personal choice for this sponsorship.

“I decided, through a free citizen consultation, to ask them for their position. There are already about fifty participations. I undertake to follow the choice of democracy”, explained the elected official to France Bleu Roussillon. And to add: “I was elected without a label, but I am on the right. And even if it is a candidate on the left who is chosen, I will follow democracy.

Proud of this original initiative, Jérôme Palmade now hopes to obtain the participation of at least 500 citizens, the one and only condition for the validity of this citizen consultation.

The question of sponsorships is a major one for the presidential election. To be able to present themselves officially, each candidate must have 500.

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