Sunday, May 22

Presidential 2022: Christiane Taubira begins to outline her program

During her trip to the Drôme this Tuesday, February 1, Christiane Taubira, new candidate in the running for the supreme function on the left, unveiled the first tracks of her presidential program.

The winner of the popular primary was in Romans-sur-Isère and Valence to discuss the themes of industry and employment. A place she did not choose at random.

On her Twitter account, Christiane Taubira has indeed indicated that “this territory has suffered the brunt of deindustrialization and the abandonment of public power”.

A “reindustrialization” plan

To remedy this situation, the former Keeper of the Seals has announced a “real reindustrialization plan”.

However, she did not provide any additional details, stressing that this national project would be presented in “the first 100 days of the quinquennium”.

It would be “decided collectively by a vote of Parliament”, she said.

To achieve this, Christiane Taubira intends to “give the State and the regions the ability to enter the capital of certain companies”.

The responsible European Union

The candidate also judged that the European Union “bears a responsibility by preventing States from supporting priority or strategic industrial sectors, in the name of the principles of competition”.

From this analysis, Christiane Taubira, who pointed to “a dramatically negative trade balance”, sounded the alarm on the urgency for France to “take back control of its productive future”.

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