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Presidential election. Retirement age: no more taboo on an explosive file

Until the presidential election of April 2022, we invite you to take part, each week, in thematic debates, enriched with testimonies and reports.

To animate these debates, we have decided to rely on 30 great witnesses who live, live and work in our region. They are retired, salaried, head of department, guide, social worker, student, accountant, optician in charge of business, teacher…

Women, men from the Rhône, the Loire, the Haute-Loire, who have agreed to become the great witnesses of this presidential election for Le Progrès.

By joining the work of our editorial staff during the months that separate us from the first round of April 10, 2022, our Great Witnesses can thus, in our newspaper (every Tuesday) and on, express their ideas, their opinions and their feelings on the themes running through the campaign. Debate, testify, give their opinion on the proposals of such and such a candidate.

Some of them may even be called upon to meet the candidates as part of the “Faced with the candidates” that we will be organizing.

You too, alongside these great witnesses, are invited to discuss these themes on

Towards a minimum income for those under 25?

Our new section developed today, “Should we raise the legal retirement age?”, presents and brings together testimonials from “long career” employees, who fear the delay in retirement, heads of companies that favor people in their fifties, retirees who have taken up a job. And the candidates for the Presidential, who evoke this ultra-sensitive file.

And from this Tuesday, for seven days, we invite you to give your opinion on our eighth debate: “Should we introduce a minimum income for all young people under 25? »

The problem of the purchasing power of retirees is nothing new. Trade union confederations have been highlighting the issue for almost twenty years. Especially since, since the first pension reform, many have resumed an activity to make ends meet. Testimonials.

Read the article in full.

Why employ seniors? “Experienced, available and highly motivated employees”

Companies are playing the senior card to ensure skills and know-how. Difficulties in recruiting also work in favor of the over 50s and active retirees. Illustration near Lyon.

Read the article in full.

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