Sunday, May 15

Presidential: Yannick Jadot pleads for “full autonomy” for Corsica

“The ecologists are regionalists”, assured Yannick Jadot, Monday January 31. Visiting Bastia, the environmental candidate for the presidency pleaded for “a statute of full autonomy and full exercise” for Corsica. An idea that he came to present to Gilles Simeoni, autonomist president of the executive council of the island of beauty.

Yannick Jadot believes that “there is a need today to build a strong relationship, a peaceful relationship” between “the French state” and Corsica. And, according to him, this necessarily involves the autonomy of the island.

“We have an extraordinary opportunity since we have a five-year term coming up, he explained. We have a mandate which started at the level of the Collectivity, and it is precisely five years to build this statute, to negotiate it, to look at the competences which remain sovereign, the common competences, the exclusive competences that we must strengthen for the community of Corsica”.

Through the negotiation of these new skills, Yannick Jadot thinks in particular to be able to solve the “delay which has been taken on the infrastructures in Corsica, […] on the control of water, waste”.

He believes that the autonomy of the island would also allow the development of a “dynamic taxation”, and wants to experiment “in Corsica […] the means to fight against land speculation, so that it is not an island of tourist beauty”.

“We trust the actors on the ground”

All this, continued the environmental candidate, in a process of recognition of the “Corsican people”, who “has a history, a language, a culture, a pride”. More broadly, Yannick Jadot expressed his desire to bring more autonomy to all the regions of France. “We don’t want to replace today the liberal technocracy that runs this country from Bercy or the Elysée or Matignon with a green technocracy. We trust the actors on the ground”.

A speech that flew to MEP François Alfonsi, elected in 2019 on the Jadot list and a member of Femu a Corsica, the autonomous party of Gilles Simeoni. “Yannick, I will support him in this campaign,” he promised, recalling “the three decades of convergence” between “the (Corsican) autonomist movement and the ecological movement.”

The autonomous president of the executive council of Corsica, Gilles Simeoni, on the other hand, was less enthusiastic. Presenting himself as the one who “represents the Community of Corsica and seeks to defend the interests of Corsica, to take them into account in the presidential debate,” he said he would not support Yannick Jadot.

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