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Return to Kabul under the Taliban emirate: an exceptional documentary this Tuesday on Canal+ and myCanal

After a shocking first documentary entitled “Kabul, in the heart of the Taliban” shot in June 2021, shortly before the capture of Kabul on August 15, photoreporter Véronique de Viguerie and Paul Comiti – a great reporter who died in mid-January and the one of the rare Westerners to have filmed Afghanistan in full chaos – had been able to return there three weeks after the takeover of the Taliban.

This new journey has fueled an edifying documentary, “Return to Kabul under the Taliban emirate”, whose appalling images are to be discovered this Tuesday, February 1, at 10:50 p.m., on Canal+ and myCanal.

When the journalists returned in September, in this country now governed by Islamic militias, the new authorities were still keen to show a moderate face to Westerners. The sequences brought back show the rudeness of the stunt of com ‘and how the violence was already going on then, in particular towards the women and all those who would dare to defy the sharia.

While the new masters of the country “started to clean up”, Véronique de Viguerie and Paul Comiti sought to recontact the Afghans they met during the first documentary, such as the young Kamar Gul, who killed the four Taliban who were killed with a Kalashnikov. had just murdered her parents before her eyes, and since then has become one of the symbols of resistance to Islamism.

But also Arifa, a young high school student, now cloistered at home because the Taliban have banned school for girls over 12 years old. They also wanted to find Allah Gul Moudjahid, a warlord hostile to the Taliban who had conveniently changed sides, but too late, or even Major Zaquer, who had become one of Kabul’s police chiefs. One of the feats of the two journalists is also to have been able to follow Taliban leaders even in their moments of relaxation, as in this sequence where they have fun on board bumper cars.

The true face of the new power

“Return to Kabul under the Taliban emirate” above all reveals a country where women have once again become second-class citizens. Barely arrived, the Taliban replaced the ministry of women with that of virtue and worked to make the feminine silent and invisible, to the point of erasing the faces displayed on storefronts. “To claim their rights, some women have the courage to protest in the street, demonstrations immediately dispersed by automatic gunfire and whippings.”

“Human rights activists are hunted down all over the country” and, for a certain number of them, “murdered”… The film also shows how the economic crisis is killing the people and forcing many Afghans to sell their property on markets to survive. Since the arrival of the Taliban, civil servants are no longer paid and entire families find themselves with nothing. Withdrawals from banks are limited and riots severely repressed.

Between recruitment campaigns, and executions with public exposure of the dead, the new power did not in fact wait long to show its true face…

Broadcast on Tuesday February 1 on Canal +, the film Back to Kabul under the Taliban emirate is also available on the MyCanal channel platform, like its equally exciting first part “Kabul, in the heart of the Taliban”.

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