Monday, May 23

Several accidents on very slippery roads

The snowy weather in Eastern Norway creates problems on Tuesday. In a short time, a number of cars have collided on the E6. In Follo, the police ask people to leave the car.

Clean-up in the roadway after the accident at Vestby on Tuesday afternoon.

The snowy weather on Tuesday afternoon created major problems in traffic in Oslo and Viken. From 2 pm onwards, the Eastern police district reported constantly new accidents on the E6 and eventually other roads in the area.

In a short time, four accidents occurred at Vestby, the Nordby tunnel, Vinterbro and Langhus.

In the Nordby tunnel, three cars had collided and major material damage was reported. The tunnel was closed in a southerly direction for a period.

Salts and straws

On the E6 near Vestby, several cars and trucks were involved in an accident. According to operations manager Ronny Samuelsen in the Eastern police district, personal injury has been reported.

Police urge road users in the area to slow down and drive very carefully.

– Our contractors are out to salt and sprinkle on the road network, Vegtrafikksentralen writes on Twitter.

Long queues are now reported in several places in Oslo and Viken due to the snowy weather. Eastern police district writes on Twitter that they now advise people in the Follo district to leave the car.

A car was squeezed between two trucks at Vestby.

Transported to hospital

According to NTB, there has also been a traffic accident on the E6 at Ulvensplitten in the direction of Gardermoen in Oslo, where three cars were involved. The police report that the driver of one of the cars has been transported to hospital for a check-up, and that the traffic is slowly passing by.

Veitrafikksentralen sør also states that it is partly slippery on E18 and E134 in their region.

– More snow has been reported in the next few hours, so we encourage everyone to drive according to the conditions. The plow crew is out taking action. Be patient and pay attention, is the call from there.

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