Friday, May 27

Swedish star butter Perry Olsson corona fixed in Sweden

The Swedish successful lubricator Perry Olsson will probably not reach the Olympics in Beijing after testing positive for the corona, Aftonbladet reports.

The Swedes’ big butter Perry Olsson has tested positive for the corona and will probably not come to Beijing. He was previously also an important lubricator for the Norwegian national team.

Olsson was the man behind the sprinter Jonna Sundling’s gold ski during the WC in Oberstdorf last year.

– It is clear it would have been best if he had been in place, says national team manager Anders Byström.

– We will see if he can leave later or if others can take over. Of course it’s a shame, but Perry is at home and can help.

Olsson has previously lubricated the skis of both Marit Bjørgen and Petter Northug, and he was in Norway for 17 years before returning to Sweden after the 2020 season.

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