Tuesday, May 17

There will be no more headphones with your new iPhones

This is the end of the famous EarPods that accompanied the purchase of a new iPhone. As of February 1, Apple has announced that it will no longer provide wired headphones with its mobiles, an accessory that is no longer mandatory in France.

Because the apple firm was previously forced to follow a law dating from 2010, which required it to provide these products. A French exception because the brand was not constrained by our European neighbors.

For its part, Apple justified the withdrawal of its headphones for ecological purposes, as it does for the chargers that it no longer provides. Such a gesture would represent a saving of 861,000 tons of metal per year in particular, says Apple, speaking of all of its productions. But a new anti-waste law came to repeal the law obliging the manufacturers of smarpthones to provide these accessories.

Headphones at 19 euros

Until the end of January, Apple was still adding its famous EarPods, wired headphones with a lightning plug compatible with its iPhones. Models worth 19 euros, but which were offered with smartphones. This sum will now have to be paid in addition when buying an iPhone, only if you need it or want to get it.

On the Apple Store online, the brand specifies that it no longer provides chargers or headphones with its various iPhone models. Only a lightning to USB-C cable is present in the box in order to connect the mobile to a charger or a compatible socket to recharge it.


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