Tuesday, May 24

Vaccination pass: what to do if you receive an expiry message?

From this Tuesday, February 1, several users of the TousAntiCovid application received a message threatening an upcoming expiry of their vaccine pass. This is a technical bug, but a solution exists.

While a new ultimatum has been set for February 15 for people who have not received their booster dose and in the event that they have not contracted Covid-19, a bug has come to put its grain of sand in the validity of the vaccination pass within the application downloaded more than 50 million times on mobiles and connected watches.

Reported by several Internet users this Tuesday on social networks, this technical problem concerns in particular people sick with Covid-19 who received a first vaccination with a single dose, then made their vaccination reminder before February 1.

A new certificate to download

If this is the case, the Health Insurance explains the procedure to follow on its website. You must first redownload your vaccination certificate on the Ameli.fr website. available HERE and accessible with your identifiers. This will be a new version of the certificate which clearly shows that the famous recall has been made.

Once you have the document in your possession, you can decide to print it to keep it if necessary or if you have a problem accessing TousAntiCovid, but you can also scan the QR Code again in order to update the one. content in your application.

Social security specifies that people who will do their recall after February 1 will not be affected by this update of the vaccine pass.


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