Friday, May 20

We follow infection control measures if we see others around us doing so

Which corona measures do we break most easily? And why is there a difference between men and women? On Tuesday night, there may be fewer measures to think about.

New Norwegian research shows that we are looking at whether others around us also follow measures and recommendations during the pandemic.

On Tuesday evening, the government will hold a new press conference on corona measures. For almost two years, Norwegians have lived with this.

– The measures function as a social contract. If you have the impression that many do not do their part, then you will not take that cost, you either. You take the cost if you look at this as a joint charity.

That’s what professor of psychology Bjørn Sætrevik says. He leads the Pandrisk research project at the University of Bergen.

They have looked at how men and women, young and old, have experienced the measures during the pandemic for almost two years. What they feel and how they act.

It turns out that there is a slight difference between men and women.

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