Wednesday, May 25

Weather: the Aude department placed on orange alert to strong winds

Météo-France has placed the Aude department on orange alert, this Tuesday, February 1, due to strong winds that can reach 120 km / h.

According to information from the meteorological institute, the Tramontana rose in the morning and will strengthen throughout the day in the Aude valley to the plains of Roussillon, before reaching its peak at the start of the day. evening.

“In the evening and first part of the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the Tramontana and the Cers will strengthen to reach 100 to 120 km / h in gusts on the east of the department”, explain the meteorologists.

“These violent gusts can be temporarily stronger on exposed points, and cause significant damage,” they added.

The Aude prefecture therefore calls for great vigilance, especially for motorists, until the second part of the night, when the gusts could remain around 80 or 90 km / h.

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