Tuesday, May 17

A “sovereign cloud” will see the light of day in Germany

(Belga) Software giant SAP on Thursday announced the development of a “sovereign cloud” platform in Germany, promising data processing and storage independent of foreign infrastructure for the German public sector, often mocked for its delays in scanning.

Based on the “Azure” technology of the American group Microsoft, the service will be “technically, operationally and legally sovereign” and “entirely disconnected” from Microsoft’s international network, explained SAP, a German multinational and European leader in management software. “There will be no dependencies vis-à-vis networks outside of Germany,” says the company in a joint statement with Arvato Systems, which will be responsible for operational support of the service. The German government cannot currently rely on existing cloud offers for its data, especially the most sensitive ones, for personal data protection reasons and for fear of espionage. In France, Microsoft has announced a similar project: the American giant will provide its cloud technology to a 100% French joint venture, Bleu, owned by Orange and Capgemini. No launch date has yet been announced. Thales will offer Google services in an independent cloud to allow, there too, to keep the data safe from the authorities or American companies. SAP and Arvato will also found a new German company to “accelerate the adoption of modern cloud technologies in administration”, while respecting “high requirements” in terms of IT security to “advance digital transformation in Germany”. Because the first European economy, very attached to the protection of personal data, is generally considered to be lagging behind in IT matters. The fax is still used for certain official or administrative communications. Tackling this technological backwardness is one of the priorities announced by the new government of Olaf Scholz. (Belga)


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