Tuesday, May 17

Deprived of electronic bracelets by justice, the Balkany spouses must return to prison

Justice revoked this Thursday the placement under electronic bracelet of the Balkany spouses. So they have to go back to jail.

They will soon receive a registered letter notifying them of this decision. The incarceration of Patrick Balkany will take place next. That of Isabelle will depend on the evolution of her state of health.

Moreover, an appeal in cassation is not suspensive. A new request for adjustment of sentence either. Patrick Balkany’s lawyer has already indicated that he was going to file one, to assert his health concerns.

“There were other solutions for a 73-year-old litigant who has already lost everything in recent years and who cannot materially cope with what justice is asking of him today. I will soon file a new request for sentence adjustment and will follow the evolution of his state of health day after day, ”announced Me Romain Dieudonné.

On Twitter, Isabelle Balkany reacted to the news, posting an image on which can be read, in large white letters on a black background, “It’s time for it to stop”. She says to herself “exhausted by age, mine, hatred, others, anguish for the man in my life, the incurable wound of the “scrub” of what I have been able to do positive. …». According to our information, the emergency services were called to the home of the couple, Isabelle Balkany would have, according to her husband, tried to end his life.

“I had begged her not to do bullshit, says the latter at the microphone of CNEWS. I was with my lawyer downstairs…she swallowed loads of shit […] She’s had a suicidal instinct for a while. She said “I’m not going”. She was so shocked […] She left with the SAMU, to the hospital”.

Isabelle Balkany’s lawyers, Pierre-Olivier Sur and Clara Gérard-Rodriguez, denounce “a new illustration of symbolic justice”. They point out that their client, aged 75, is “in an extremely degraded physical and psychological state”. Isabelle Balkany has already lost “her political functions, almost all of her heritage” and “her honor” during this procedure and, according to them, her imprisonment is not justified.

Quoting the Mediapart investigation dated January 3, they recall that the Public Prosecutor’s Office had itself considered that their client “had not committed any” major breach “. “His probation, under electronic bracelet, met all the functions of the sentence”, insist the lawyers.

Sentenced on appeal in March 2020 to three years in prison for tax evasion, the Balkany spouses had been placed under an electronic bracelet at the beginning of 2021. But, last December, this sentence adjustment had been revoked after a hundred recorded incidents. The couple then appealed the decision.

The information, first revealed by Mediapart, was then confirmed by Dominique Puechmaille, prosecutor of Evreux. Asked at the time by the investigative media, Isabelle Balkany’s lawyer, Me Pierre-Olivier Sur, explained that “there were a hundred ringing incidents, and a little casualness” from the couple’s share.

House arrest in Giverny

Both were serving their sentence in their property of the Moulin de Cossy, in Giverny (Eure), subject to release schedules. “They are not allowed to leave the house, but when the dog leaves, they run after it, when the postman passes, they go to the gate”… and thus trigger the surveillance device. According to the lawyer, adjustments had been made since, “so that there is no more incident”.

“It’s grotesque, protests Patrick Balkany to CNEWS. I have always respected. We never went out. We were allowed to go out from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., we always came back on time, we were careful. But when you’re in the house and someone rings…”

Since the prosecution considered that the appeal, lodged on December 23, “was suspensive”, the couple had so far kept their electronic bracelets. But the Rouen Court of Appeal confirmed the dismissal on Thursday. This decision must now be sent to the Evreux public prosecutor’s office, which will be responsible for implementing it. The public prosecutor’s office was to publish a press release in the afternoon, according to a judicial source.


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