Tuesday, May 17

Live. Covid-19: nearly 5 million French people risk losing their vaccination pass in mid-February

6:56 am: Italy to lift restrictions

The Italian government has decided to ease several anti-Covid restrictions, particularly in schools, with Prime Minister Mario Draghi promising to “continue the reopening policy in the coming weeks”. Among the measures adopted by the Council of Ministers is in particular the end of distance education for primary and secondary school students vaccinated or cured, regardless of the number of positive students in their class. In the field of tourism, the government has also decided that visitors from countries whose vaccination rules are different from those in force in Italy could access with a simple health pass (for which a negative test is sufficient) hotels and restaurants as well as at all places where a vaccination pass is normally required.

5:53 am: One in two French people has already had Covid-19, since the start of the pandemic

Olivier Véran, still on BFMTV, assured: “In total, at least one in two French people has contracted a form of Covid, since the start of the pandemic”, i.e. more than 30 million contaminations. Just on the Omicron variant alone, “the figure of 15 million contaminations is undoubtedly close to the truth”, he added.

However, the minister wanted to be reassuring: “The worst is behind us, we have done the hardest” in the face of the pandemic. Regarding the fifth wave and Omicron, he clarified: “Across the country, we have exceeded the peak of contaminations (…) We are reaching the peak of hospitalizations”.

5:49 am: Véran considers the end of the vaccination pass before the summer and relaxes its rules

Olivier Véran, guest on Wednesday evening on BFMTV, was asked about the vaccine pass, which came into force at the end of January and whose lifting is enshrined in the law for next July: “The vaccine pass will have an end, and given the current epidemic dynamics, it is likely that this end will be well before July. Unless there is bad news”.

He also announced a change in the rules for obtaining and for the duration of this health pass: now to obtain it, an infection will be equivalent to an injection. The Minister of Health also indicated something new with regard to the validity period of the pass: if you have had three doses of vaccine, or two doses and an infection, the benefit of the vaccine pass will be unlimited. Recently, the period of validity of the vaccination pass after an infection had been reduced from 6 to 4 months.


Be careful, however, 4.7 million French people risk losing their vaccination pass on February 15 because they have not done their reminder (and have not been infected with the virus).

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5:47 am: Hospitalizations remain stable, contaminations drop a little

The number of people hospitalized remains stable: currently, 32,720 patients are treated with a Covid diagnosis (-174 in 24 hours, but +2096 over seven days). Critical care services receive 3,700 patients (+51 in 24 hours, +12 in one week).

315 363

This Wednesday, 315,363 new cases were diagnosed. A number that remains high. On average over seven days, 306,076 cases have been recorded, a drop of 15% over one week, which seems to confirm that the peak has passed.

5:45 a.m .: Hello everyone and welcome to this live broadcast devoted to the news of the Covid-19 pandemic in France and around the world.


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