Monday, May 23

Maelys affair. A quickly identified suspect, a complex investigation

It is 7:32 p.m., Sunday August 27, 2017, when Nordahl Lelandais leaves the washing station of the Leclerc shopping center in Pont-de-Beauvoisin, in Savoie. He has just spent nearly two hours polishing the passenger compartment of his Audi A3 as evidenced by the CCTV images seen by the Isère Assize Court which has been judging the former soldier accused of the kidnapping since Monday. and the murder of Maëlys De Araujo. A few hours before cleaning his car from top to bottom – going so far as to pass the high-pressure jet inside the vehicle – he was in the premises of the gendarmerie. Like more than 300 other people questioned in a few hours by the military, he had been summoned to give his testimony on the wedding party in which he had participated the previous night and during which Maëlys, 8 and a half years old, had disappeared.

Thus began “a long, complex investigation, despite…

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