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Narcotrafic / 2021: a record year with more than 9 tonnes of cocaine seized by the Armed Forces in the West Indies – Faxinfo

The Armed Forces in the Antilles (FAA), which are fighting tirelessly in the fight against drug trafficking, withdrew 9 tonnes of cocaine from the market during various interventions carried out throughout 2021. A record!

In January, the surveillance frigate (FS) “Germinal” catches 4.2 tons of cocaine on a fishing vessel during a patrol in the Atlantic Ocean.
In February, the FS “Germinal” intercepts a go-fast carrying 490 kilos of cocaine southwest of Saint-Martin.
Also in February, the Overseas Support and Assistance Building (BSAOM) “Dumont D’Urville” on patrol in the northwest of the Caribbean Sea intercepted a fishing vessel carrying 3.4 tons of cocaine. Only 75 kilos could be salvaged after the crew scuttled the boat.
In April, the FS “Ventôse” intercepted a Spanish sailboat west of Barbados. An action that led to the seizure of 210 kilos of cocaine, largely hidden in the structure of the boat, by teams from the Anti-Narcotics Office in Martinique.
In May, the Antilles-Guyane (PAG) patrol boat “La Combattante” boarded a skiff between Martinique and Saint Lucia which had just delivered illicit goods to individuals, immediately arrested by the customs services pre-positioned on land. Weapons, a large sum of money and 1.4 kg of cannabis were seized.
In June, the FS “Ventôse” boarded a go-fast in the south of the Dominican Republic which contained 550 kilos of cocaine.
In July, the FS “Germinal” boarded a sailboat east of the Lesser Antilles with 310 kilos of cocaine on board.
In November, the PAG “La Combattante” discovered two loaded handguns, 55 kilos of cannabis and 24 kilos of contraband tobacco on board a skiff.

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