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For anyone who wants to drink non-alcoholic, there is definitely something other than cola zero and hollow alternatives.

It’s supposed to be a party night. But for Anne and her friend, the evening was a big downturn. For anyone who does not drink alcohol, the selection is still sad box in many places.

If she wanted Cola Zero? Rather not. The one non-alcoholic “red wine” restaurant could offer, tasted sticky, sweet blackcurrant juice. Is food and non-alcoholic beverages an impossibility? asks Anne.

– What’s the point of wine without alcohol, Mette used to say jokingly.

Well, now she knows. For even small amounts of alcohol trigger heart fibrillation. Mette misses a glass while she is cooking, or when she is reading a book in front of the fireplace. Now Mette tests non-alcoholic wines and experiences the same as Anne. The taste is not as good. What happened to the fullness, freshness and astringent dryness they appreciate? It was high time for a column on non-alcoholic. But unfortunately I have no easy solutions to offer.

Alcohol gives more than a per mille.

Without alcohol, the wine will lose both its fullness and taste. This is why it is so difficult to find good examples of de-alcoholic wine. Too many taste as if the soul is sucked out of them. Instead of using chemistry as an explanatory model, I try with an example I reckon several of the readers know: Imagine the taste of sour cream. Then you switch over to the memory of skinny Kesam. We can agree that the products are similar. But the taste experience is very different. So what do you do? Often the void is filled with sugar, not unlike many light products you find on store shelves.

I opened my taste notes and checked what I have written about non-alcoholic wines I have tasted in recent years. “This one makes me sick.” “Tastes like juice and water.” “Smells like canned peas with sugar.” “Smells like soap, tastes like soap.” The one non-alcoholic wine I actually liked is no longer on the market. So what do you do?

  • See Ingvild Tennfjord’s wine recommendations further down in the case.

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