Friday, May 20

Olympic Games 2022: in what order do the delegations, including France, parade during the opening ceremony?

The opening ceremony of the 2022 Olympics will take place on Friday February 4 with the traditional parade of the delegations present. But in what order do they pass?

At each Olympic Games, it is one of the most awaited moments by viewers. Behind their small screen, many admire the spectacle of the opening ceremony and wait impatiently to see the country’s athletes parade behind their flag bearer. A parade that follows a protocol established for a very long time.

As tradition dictates, Greece, the founding country of the Olympic Games and the first nation to host the modern Olympics in 1890, will lead the way. The Greeks will then be followed by the various delegations in alphabetical order. Note that this will be done in simplified Chinese characters.

France, which has a contingent of 87 athletes and presents Tessa Worley and Kevin Rolland as standard bearers, will go to 46e position on the 91 nations present.

The parade of delegations will end with Italy, future host country of the Winter Olympics in 2026 and China, host country of the 2022 Olympics.

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