Tuesday, May 24

Poker: he bets 100 euros and wins 800,000 euros in less than 10 minutes

A hell of a gamble. A resident of Doubs won 800,000 euros in a few minutes, during a game played on the Winamax platform, on the night of January 29 to 30.

Victim of insomnia, the latter connected to the site around 1:30 am. He then decided to bet 100 euros, then was pleasantly surprised to see his party designated to benefit from a bonus which allows him to multiply his initial bet 10,000 times and to access a table displaying one million euros in possible gain. A big boost that only happens every 250,000 games, the online game company told France 3.

Designed to take place very quickly, this micro-tournament involving only three competitors allowed him to pocket 800,000 euros in just six to seven minutes. Winamax broadcast the game on social networks.

It was thanks to a hand of ace and king (two of diamonds), stronger than that of his opponent (king and eight offsuit), that “caliente25” pocketed the jackpot. Something to make your little insomnia profitable.


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