Sunday, May 22

Politics: towards a return of François Hollande as a deputy?

François Hollande has been proclaiming it loud and clear for a few weeks: he has never abandoned politics. And nearly five years after the end of his last term, the former President of the Republic could well make his comeback … as a deputy.

According to an indiscreet L’Obs, there would no longer be any doubt about this comeback within the Socialist Party.

According to our colleagues, the one who had led the PS to the highest summit of the State, before contributing to its decline, thus made no secret of his intentions, nor of his objectives: to rebuild a divided left, on the ruins of the candidacy deemed disastrous by Anne Hidalgo, who is struggling to exceed 3% in the polls.

But if many observers and supporters could expect a return through the presidential election, “they were seriously mistaken” specifies a PS executive at L’Obs.

Back to Tulle

Indeed, it is therefore to the National Assembly that François Hollande would have decided to return. The leadership of the party of which he was First Secretary from 1997 to 2008 is said to have reserved a constituency for him for the next legislative elections.

And not in any constituency, since it is that of his historic stronghold of Tulle, the first constituency of Corrèze, a department he has traveled and administered for years.

An important return for the PS, which, according to some, could be part of a real “reconstruction operation”, with the support of other tenors of the party, left on the doorstep by Anne Hidalgo in her campaign.

In the spans of Solférino, the names of Bernard Cazeneuve, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, Julien Dray, even Ségolène Royale, are already mentioned to carry out this rescue mission.

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