Sunday, May 22

Presidential 2022. Eating well on the campaign menu

“Good wine, good meat, good cheese: that’s French gastronomy”. This January 9, the journalist Francis Letellier closes his program Sunday in politics on France 3 with a question on Emmanuel Macron, distinguished political personality of the year by the review Wines of France. The answer of Fabien Roussel, communist presidential candidate, apparently harmless, will place gastronomy at the heart of the electoral campaign.

Tournedos or pizza?

Praising good wine, good meat and good cheese was enough to make some environmentalists jump, more inclined towards vegan than steak tartare. Sandrine Rousseau, unsuccessful candidate for the environmental primary, was offended. French gastronomy, according to her, was also pizzas and couscous.

In the communist ranks, we are not fooled by the attacks of the ecologist at the approach of the presidential election. “For us, food is a priority. Fabien Roussel had said much the same thing…

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