Tuesday, May 17

Presidential 2022. Macron obtains his 500 sponsorships, Le Pen very far

Emmanuel Macron, still not a candidate, now has enough sponsorship to run for president but Marine Le Pen is far from it, according to the list published this Thursday by the Constitutional Council. The president was already in the lead when first published on Tuesday.

The Constitutional Council validated this Thursday 1,756 new sponsorships, bringing the total to 2,069 – figures which have yet to receive final validation, because sponsorships must come from at least 30 departments.

The Head of State now has 529 sponsorships, above the required 500 mark. LR candidate Valérie Pécresse displays 324 and socialist Anne Hidalgo 266.

Four candidates with more than 100 referrals

On the far right, Marine Le Pen has so far collected only 35 sponsorships and her rival Eric Zemmour 58.
Four other candidates cross the hundred mark: the communist Fabien Roussel (159), the candidate of Lutte Ouvrière Nathalie Arthaud (138), the Insoumis Jean-Luc Mélenchon (100) as well as Jean Lassalle (124).

Ecologist Yannick Jadot has 80 sponsorships, Debout la France boss Nicolas Dupont-Aignan 77 sponsorships and NPA candidate Philippe Poutou 54. François Asselineau has 56 sponsorships, and Christiane Taubira, who won the popular primary on Sunday, 8.

Nearly 42,000 elected officials, including 34,000 mayors, can grant their sponsorship. Candidates have until March 4 at 6 p.m. to collect signatures. The Constitutional Council will put the list updated in real time on its website twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


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