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Sure that the Ingebrigtsen brothers can do without Gjert

Team Ingebrigtsen’s agent feels to de-dramatize the news that the running brothers must manage without dad Gjert who trains in the time ahead.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen after he won the “Bowerman Mile” during the Diamond League at Hayward Field last year. To the right is dad Gjert.

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– It has become a bit much for Gjert. Now he’s taking a break. The boys take care of themselves, but they know what to do, so there is no drama. All three have good experience, says Daniel Wessfeldt to VG.

He is an agent for all three Ingebrigtsen brothers, Henrik, Filip and Jakob, and he has regularly – and recently – been in contact with Gjert Ingebrigtsen.

The Norwegian Athletics Association announced on Wednesday that Gjert Ingebrigtsen is currently on sick leave, and that as a consequence he will not work as a coach for his sons.

AGENT: Daniel Wessfeldt has been the agent for «Team Ingebrigtsen» for several years.

In the future, we will take care of the training between us brothers, said Henrik Ingebrigtsen, who is currently in training after a hamstring injury.

Narve Gilje Nordås, who ran 5000 meters in the Olympics, is also part of the training group around «Team Ingebrigtsen». The 23-year-old says it is stupid that Ingebrigtsen is now on sick leave, but that he understands the situation.

– How will it affect you?

– I do not think it affects the sporting for me. I know what to do in the training work. In all modesty, it does not affect my commitment, says Gilje Nordås, who is in a basic training period before the outdoor season, to VG.

TEAM INGEBRIGTSEN: In addition to the Ingebrigtsen brothers, Narve Gilje Nordås and Per Svela are also part of the training group led by Gjert Ingebrigtsen. From left: Filip, Henrik and Jakob Ingebrigtsen, Narve Gilje Nordås and Per Svela.

Jakob and Filip are betting on the indoor season, and it will include the World Cup in Belgrade 18-20. March. Already on February 17, there is a 1500 meters in Lievin in France on the program.

– Even Jakob has been with us for a long time, so he knows this. He knows what he has done and what he is going to do. They have exercise diaries and everything. It is not the case that Gjert has participated in every single training, says Wessfeldt, who says that there will also be a training camp in Flaggstaff in the USA.

There has the brothers trained in peace and quiet before, without detailed follow-up from the coaching father.

According to Daniel Wessfeldt, there is still a part that is unclear when it comes to how to organize the training in the future.

– It is a process that is going on right now. I’ll sit down and talk to the boys about everything, and probably also with Gjert. I feel like de-dramatizing this. It is not something super serious, he says.

SPORTS FAMILY: The Ingebrigtsen family has really made a name for themselves in international sports since Henrik first broke through with European Championship gold in 2012. Last year, the family topped it when Jakob ran for Olympic gold. From left: Henrik, Filip, Gjert and Jakob Ingebrigtsen.

– Has it become too much over time?

– Gjert has been involved a lot. He has ambitions that are fantastic. It is clear that it may be too much for him. What and how it has become too much, only Gjert can answer. But he has not been the one to do too little.

– Should you have a person in the support apparatus to follow up the training if it becomes prolonged?

– In the short term, there is no problem with the training part. They know what to do in the spring and into the summer. In the long run, I do not know what to do. We will probably know more about this in the spring.

On Thursday, VG tried to get in touch with Gjert, Jakob, Filip and Henrik Ingebrigtsen and general secretary of the Athletics Association, Kjetil Hildeskor, without success.

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