Monday, May 23

Vaccination pass: Olivier Véran announces relaxations

“One infection = one injection”. This formula summarizes the new rules which will apply to the vaccine pass, announced by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran on Wednesday evening.

“To benefit from the pass, the immune system must have been stimulated at least three times,” explained the Minister of Health, provided that you have received at least one dose of vaccine.

Thus, people who have received two doses and who have been infected once will be able to keep their vaccination pass without the obligation to receive a booster dose of vaccination. Likewise, if you have been infected twice with Covid-19 and received a dose of vaccine, no matter in what order, the health pass will remain valid “without time limit”, specified Olivier Véran. The minister, however, said that an expiry date could be put in place if the health situation changes, but it is not relevant at the moment.

A patient who has received a dose of vaccine and has been infected once, whose immune system has therefore only been stimulated twice, will have to make an appointment for their booster dose within four months. People who have their three doses of vaccine obviously remain within the rules to keep their pass.

The objective of this relaxation: to simplify the system, by eliminating certain delays and by no longer making a difference between vaccine and infection, which have the same effect on the immune system. However, the booster dose remains strongly recommended by the health authorities, but will no longer be compulsory to keep your vaccination pass. It is not known, for the moment, when these new provisions will be included in the TousAntiCovid application.

According to the minister, the use of the vaccine pass could end “well before the summer”. The epidemic peak has been passed, and the authorities are therefore gradually putting an end to health restrictions. A first easing came into effect on Wednesday, and the second stage will take place on February 16.

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