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Food waste from Bergen will be transported to Rogaland for incineration. By truck.

– For us, climate is important, says the BOB manager.

Bergen’s food waste will now be transported to Jæren. – Here in Bergen, there are facilities that can extract the biogas, but few places where the bio-residues can be used, says CEO Borghild Lekve in BOB.

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From 1 April this year, the food waste from BOD’s household customers will be transported to Jæren to become biogas and fertilizer.

The inter-municipal waste management company IVAR in Rogaland won the competition for the comprehensive assignment. How much the contract is worth is a secret.

According to GoogleMaps, it takes five hours and 23 minutes to drive from Rådalen Biogass in Bergen to IVAR’s treatment plant at Grødeland on Jæren. Nevertheless, it was the biogas plant in Rogaland that won the tender competition.

– Is it not a little special that the people of Bergen’s food waste is to be transported to Jæren to be burned?

– The most important thing is that food waste is a resource that does not just provide biogas to vehicles, for example. Bio-residues are also produced, which are used as fertilizer in food production. Here in Bergen, there are facilities that can extract the biogas, but few places where the bio-residues can be used, says CEO Borghild Lekve in BOB.

– So the Bergen boss will become ironic agricultural goods?

– You can probably say that.

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– How should the food waste be transported from Bergen to Jæren?

– It will be transported by truck to the ferry to Stavanger. Transport is part of the tender, and IVAR is responsible for this.

– Have you or the competition winner calculated how much climate emissions the transport will create?

– Environment was one of the criteria, but I can not go out with the accounts, for business reasons. But for us, climate was important.

– How many biogas plants competed for this contract?

– Fire. What made the choice for IVAR was both the economy and the climate accounts.

– How much is the contract worth?

– I can not go out with that, for business reasons, says Lekve.

IVAR is naturally satisfied with the contract.

– The agreement contributes to good, stable biogas production at Jæren and overall increased biogas production in Norway, says CEO Ingrid Nordbø.

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To date, the BOD has placed containers for food waste at 60 different return points in the Bergen area.

There has been dissatisfaction with the quality and pricing of food waste collection from residents. Among other things, the former city council leader wrote Ragnhild Stolt-Nielsen a debate post in BT.

«Customers in Bergen must collect food waste in paper bags that must be in small handy baskets with air holes. BOB says nothing about where these foul-smelling curves should stand, she wrote ».

BOB now promises that all customers will receive an offer to deliver sorted waste during 2022. Towards the summer, BOB will offer most households collection of the waste at people’s home addresses.

– Environmentally, it is best if we throw away as little food as possible, but there will always be some waste. We want as many of our customers as possible to take advantage of the opportunity to deliver sorted food waste, says Borghild Lekve.

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