Saturday, May 21

Hospitalized after a stroke, Jean-Marie Le Pen returned home

The former honorary president of the National Rally Jean-Marie Le Pen was hospitalized on Wednesday February 2 following a stroke. He returned to his home on Friday evening.

“Jean-Marie Le Pen returned to his home in the middle of the day after his state of health was deemed satisfactory,” wrote his adviser Lorrain de Saint Affrique on Twitter, reporting that the former politician told him: “c is not for this time”.

At 93, Jean-Marie Le Pen had been hospitalized as a precaution after suffering Monday a transient ischemic attack (TIA), a mild form of cerebrovascular accident (CVA).

Hospitalized in 2015

Last Tuesday, the former president of the National Front, reacted to the internal tensions within the National Rally and the party “Reconquest!”. He declared at the microphone of CNEWS that he was hostile to a possible rallying of Marion Maréchal alongside Eric Zemmour.

“It would be a disappointment, it would be a surprise honestly. Marion (Marshal) had said she was retiring from politics. She has all kinds of reasons to take care of her personal affairs, ”he had reacted.

For the record, Jean-Marie Le Pen had already been hospitalized in 2015. It was, at the time, a “heart problem”.

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