Saturday, May 21

Internet. Messenger: now a notification alerts you in the event of a screenshot

Notice to serial screeners! Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, now Meta, has announced that a notification will now be sent when taking a screenshot in certain conversations on the Messenger app. However, he did not specify the exact date of the implementation of this new functionality.

During his announcement last Thursday, he clarified that it concerned so-called “secret” conversations: that is to say for which the “ephemeral” mode was activated on the messages.

A shower of emojis

Performing a screenshot discreetly will therefore become impossible since a message indicating the ”screenshot” will be automatically displayed on the screen of your interlocutor.

Messenger will even send a shower of “shh” emojis on the screen, reports combination. Rather showy! Chances are you’ll have to give up screenshots on the sly in the future…

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