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Live. Covid-19: in Austria, vaccination becomes compulsory for all adults

Scientists call for an investigation into the origin of Covid

Just hours before the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, around 20 international scientists wrote an open letter putting the Chinese authorities. They ask them to allow a truly independent investigation into the origins of Covid-19, first detected in China at the end of 2019. “The Chinese government’s continued efforts to block a real investigation into the origins of the pandemic are an affront to the community. scientist and people everywhere,” they write.

A joint investigation between Chinese and international scientists, under the leadership of the WHO, has already made a report but without drawing a definitive conclusion on the origins of the disease.

5:47 a.m .: Compulsory vaccination comes into force in Austria

This is a first in Europe: this Friday, vaccination becomes compulsory for all adults in Austria. The text, presented by the conservative government, is supported by the social-democratic and ecological opposition. More than 60% of the population also approves of it. The country puts maximum pressure on the non-vaccinated, and had already tried to impose confinement on them this fall (before generalizing it in mid-December).

Concretely, offenders of the Austrian vaccination obligation risk a fine ranging from 600 to 3600 euros, but which will be canceled if they regularize their situation within two weeks.

5:46 am: Stable hospitalizations, contaminations drop

Hospitalizations remain stable, but at a high level: currently, 32,852 Covid-19 patients are treated (+132 in 24 hours and +1,870 in one week). Among these patients, there are 3643 serious cases (-57 in 24 hours and -51 in one week).

274 352

The number of contaminations is down, with 274,352 cases detected on Thursday (compared to 315,363 the day before and 392,168 seven days ago).

5:45 a.m .: Hello everyone and welcome to this live broadcast devoted to the news of the Covid-19 pandemic in France and around the world.

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