Monday, May 16

Nabilla confirms being pregnant again on Instagram

Nabilla Vergara this Friday February 4 posted a message on Instagram to announce that she was pregnant with her second child.

The reality TV star shared a photo of herself showing off an ultrasound alongside her husband Thomas Vergara and their baby boy Milann, two.

“We kept this little secret for a long time in order to take full advantage of our happiness as a family, but today it’s time to share our happiness with you, my belly is getting bigger day by day,” wrote the young woman.

On Snapchat, Nabilla had confided to her subscribers that it was unthinkable for her not to enlarge her family. “I tell you the truth. Personally, I don’t see myself having just one child. I have my brother and I know that if I didn’t have my brother maybe I would feel a little lonely”.

“It’s true that with Thomas, we would very much like to expand our family! Milann is two years old, he is already a real little boy. We do not know when exactly, but we feel that it will soon be the moment. Besides, for my son, it would be his dream! He told us, he wants a little brother to have fun and play with. It must be admitted that being an only child is not ideal. It’s better to be two… or three… or four!”, she also confided to Current Woman.

The news delights the subscribers of Nabilla who cover her with congratulations, but did not surprise them all, indeed the magazine Here had announced the news on February 28th.

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