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Riiber was picked up by an ambulance: – Got into a car that was full of chlorine

ZHANGJIAKOU / OSLO (VG) Norway’s great golden hope in combined Jarl Magnus Riiber is placed in quarantine hotel. He describes the journey there as surreal.

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– It’s a bit surreal. You got into a car that was full of chlorine. They had worked hard to avoid infection in the ambulance. They were transported around like an infection bomb and met a lot of people in fully covered plastic clothes, says Riiber.

The news of the positive corona test, which VG revealed on Thursday afternoon, was confirmed in a press release by Olympiatoppen shortly after. It also appears that the control sample was positive.

– Jan Schmid knocked on the door early in the morning. That was after we were told that our Estonian teammate was positive. So that night they lay and prepared for it to happen. It was therefore no shock, says the combined star and continues:

– It took quite a long time before we got an answer to a new test that denied or confirmed whether the first was correct. It quickly took seven to eight hours before I got the answer to the next test. Then it was really …. then I got another night at the practitioner village before I was transported to the corona hotel a couple of hours ago.

The gold hope tells that someone came into his room at 14:30 (local time) and told him that he would be picked up in 20 minutes.

– I packed a bag to be gone for ten days. Drinks and snacks and things I can train inside with, he says.

TESTED POSITIVELY: Norway’s big gold hope in combined Jarl Magnus Riiber tested positive for corona on Thursday.

– I’m fine. I have come to the conclusion that I will not be allowed to compete in the first competition for my part. It has been two days since I received an answer to the first test, and I have since managed to plan what happens next, says Riiber.

– I was transported to isolation and quarantine hotel a couple of hours ago, he adds.

Riiber was considered one of the biggest favorites to run away with the most generous medals in all the combined exercises.

– I have not had time to get any symptoms yet. I’m anxiously awaiting that. There is a bit of jet lag and we are at the height, so it’s a bit like that too, says the gold favorite and answers how he sees the Olympic opportunities:

– If I get sick, the whole Olympics will soon end. But if it’s a light cold harness, then I live in the belief that I can join the next competitions.

With the hope of still having some competitions in the games, Riiber takes measures to keep the body going.

– We are working to bring in a bicycle. Otherwise, it will be to run ten meters from the door to the window a couple of times a day. You have to make the best of what you have. It is only creativity that sets limits, he says to VG and tells that he “loses fresh air and spark of life” at the quarantine hotel.

– It has been good courage. I have been determined that this scenario could happen. I have seen how many known and unknown people get corona. It’s not long since I participated in the NM in Kollen and there was talk of something completely different. So I think it’s about the attitude before the Olympics as well, he adds.

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